Chronicle - how it all began

The history of the company STEEGER begins in 1872 with the foundation of the company Wilhelm Körting in Wuppertal – Barmen. This company was concerned with building braiding and additional machines as well as single-thread bone lace machines.
In 1931 the company Wilhelm Körting affiliated with Wilhelm Steeger and the company Körting GmbH was build.

Photo: Karl Körting

Photo: Wilhelm Steeger

After Karl left in 1935 the company was continued by Wilhelm Steeger and his wife Emmy Steeger (née Leyer) as a family business under the until now valid name Körting Nachfolger Steeger.

After Wilhelm Steeger died in 1976, his daughter Ingeborg Lange (née Steeger) and her husband Hans-Adolf Lange took over the direction of the company Körting Nachfolger Wilhelm Steeger GmbH & Co KG. The couple Lange directed the company’s history as executive partners until the end of 2011.

Photo: Ingeborg & Hans-Adolf Lange

Today three executive partners direct the company: Axel Ludwig, Bernd Rehrmann, and Klaus-Michael Menser.

The company Körting Nachfolger Wilhelm Steeger GmbH & Co KG has 25 employees, who generate annual sales of approximately 3.5 million Euros by manufacturing braiding and additional machines. More than 130 years of experience in development and production of braiding machines for all braiding-related purposes guarantees a high level of costumer focus and flexibility – now and for the future.