Our company, the Körting Nachfolger Wilhelm STEEGER GmbH & Co. KG situated in Wuppertal-Barmen with a tradition that goes back more than 100 years, is an economically intact business. All over the world it is well reputed and well known in the area of the production of braiding and additional machines.

STEEGER PLAITIN MACHINES can among others be recommended for the following fields of application:

Horizontal braiding machine with or without caterpillar pull-off unit for
manufacturing medical braidings from fine or extra fine wire like e.g. stents, components made from carbon fiber or similar materials for automotive, aviation, or aerospace industry, steel wire sheathing for rigid as well as for flexible high pressure hoses, shielding braidings for HF cables.

Braiding machines with single drive for the production of
braidings for maritime purposes like ropes, cables, and cork lines; braidings for sporting goods like tow ropes, spiral lines of all sorts; elastic ropes, climbing lines and safety lanyards as well as sports equipment made from composite fibers; braidings for aviation purposes like parachute ropes, elastic braids, rudder-lines; braidings for automotive engineering like ground wires, brake hoses, braiding-strengthened components, special braidings like cable sets, thermally insulated cable and hose lines.

Braidings in the field of electronics like insulating hoses
made from glass fibers or chemical fibers. Braidings for the passements industry – also machines with reversing carriers.

Cable, wire, and hose braiding machines for
the production of technical braidings in the automotive engineering and aircraft construction, in the medical sector. Braiding of electrical cables with fine wire as well as textile yarns e.g. coaxial cables, control cables, catheters and optical fibers. Braidings of pressure hoses.

Packing braiding machine for
manufacturing greased and dry packings (seal) made from standard yarns, especially adapted for the braiding of so-called high-tech yarns of aramid, PTFE-silk, carbon, glass, or ceramic fiber yarns as well as congeneric special yarns.

Braiding units as modular assembly systems for
the production of twine and cord braidings, among others shoelace, weight lines, pull lines, harness cords, cords for curtains and venetian blinds, laundry lines, chirurgical sewing thread, wicks, elastic cords, possament cords and twine cords.