A good reputation obliges

Our high performance braiding machines are the result of decades of experience and development and therefore they are premium products that are used all over the world. Our product range is adapted to the requirements of various purposes – extensive and multifaceted.

We work solely customer- and market-specific. Continuous innovation following the latest technical findings and ongoing adaption to costumer demands are the base of our corporate philosophy just as well as first-class quality, value conserving product reliability, adherence to schedules, and excellent service.

Moreover, we work with solid and qualified subcontractors. On-site quality assurance and control contribute to our known reliability.

We offer a broad service of a prestigious business even after you bought a machine.

Part of this is among others a fast worldwide delivery of spare and wearing parts even for machines than are 40 years old or older. Our fast service is the result of an extensive stock of spare and wearing parts that is carefully geared to our costumers.

Besides, we offer a technical school for test braidings in our house.

Our corporate philosophy:

  • Integrity: We are always behaving fair against our costumers, deliverers and employees.
  • Innovation: We act and work future-oriented and try to refine our technical possibilities.
  • Respect: We respect our customers, deliverers, and employees and treat all of them fair and trusting.
  • Sense of responsibility: We bear responsibility for our actions, our services, and our decisions.
  • Responsibility for the environment: We always try to prevent pollution as much as possible and to use every new technical possibility to save the environment.