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Productivity is a matter
of attention to detail

We develop innovative, customised concepts for top-class braiding machines. We are committed to a single goal, namely achieving greatest efficiency and performance in all we do. That is why you can always rely on the quality of Steeger products.

The next generation of braiding machines

Steeger braiding machines are high-tech products that are simply in a class of their own when it comes to sustainability, efficiency and smart design – and lifespans of 30 years and more. Each machine is essentially an innovation. There are no standard machines, as every Steeger unit is a unique solution tailor-made to suit the specific requirements of the customer. Our machines are equipped with modern electronics and energy-efficient motors. On request, we fit them with bespoke technology, such as remote control functions and digital add-ons. Every Steeger braiding machine is thus an investment in a bright future.


Every machine an innovation

We pre-assemble our machines at the factory and take charge of the final assembly on site. Our after-sales service is second to none, and our experienced teams travel to any place in the world to assist customers on site, should this be required.



We are firmly focused on the future and constantly improve our products through investment in new technologies.



Transparency and fairness are the guiding principles behind all our business relationships – be it with customers, suppliers or employees.



We constantly strive to keep the impact of our activities on the environment as small as possible.

Production in Wuppertal –
the heartland of the German textile industry

In the early 19th century, Wuppertal was one of the main centres of industrialisation in Germany, and home of modern German textile production.


Steeger helped shape the textile industry in Wuppertal

Wuppertal was particularly known for its ribbons, be they woven, knitted or braided. Initially, ribbons were produced on hand looms, which were then gradually replaced by machines in factories. One of the driving forces towards industrial production and the development of textile braiding machines was Steeger, a company whose innovative approach revolutionised the entire production of textiles.


Knowledge handed down over 130 years

With more than 130 years of experience in the design and development of braiding machines, Steeger has established itself as a global supplier to many key industries where its expertise guarantees maximum productivity. Steeger is still based in Wuppertal where the company was originally founded. Located in the Bergische Land region near the industrial cities of Solingen and Remscheid, the Steeger factory can easily be reached by road and rail. Düsseldorf International Airport is also close by, which suits a globally operating company with cooperation partners all over the world.

Global service and support


Apart from installing new machines and systems, we also carry out modifications and repairs. Our customer service team is of course also available to perform general maintenance tasks and complete machine overhauls.

We think global, and make ship spare parts for all our machines to any location in the world – even for machines that have been built 40 or more years ago. Standard wear parts are normally shipped within 48 hours.

Are you looking for an full service pack by the original equipment manufacturer?

Then please contact us to enquire about our service contracts.

Quality rooted in tradition

Perfection is the enemy of progress.
That is why we constantly revise and improve our performance and our products.

Our innovation process is closely geared to the applications and needs of our customers. The development process continues to progress.
We not only want to keep pace with it, but also be a pacemaker.
Progressive digitalisation and the Internet of Things are penetrating all areas of life, changing our everyday life and turning our ways of thinking and familiar structures upside down. They demand new approaches, because even the most successful business models may be outdated tomorrow.
Due to these dynamic processes we can never "rest on our laurels", but always strive to think outside the box.


Establishment of company

The company was founded under the name Wilhelm Körting and specialised in the production of braiding machines, single-thread bone lace machine and accessory equipment.


Merger with Steeger

The companies of Wilhelm Körting and Wilhelm Steeger merge to become Körting GmbH. The new business begins to target the international market.


Change of name

Karl Körting leaves the company, which is renamed to its "Körting Nachfolger Wilhelm Steeger GmbH & Co KG".


Handing over to the next generation

Following the death of Wilhelm Steeger, his daughter Ingeborg Lange and her husband Hans-Adolf Lange take over the management of the business.


New management

Hans-Joachim Ludwig, Klaus-Michael Menser and Bernd Rehrmann become the new managers. A few years later, Hans-Joachim Ludwig retires and his son Axel Ludwig joins the team.


Global leader

Steeger braiding machines is one of the leading international companies and is managed by Axel Ludwig and Bernd Rehrmann.

Braiding machines
from Steeger

Have a look some of the braiding machines produced by Steeger.


Renowned for
innovative solutions

What really counts in today's market is constant innovation. There are ever more new materials that allow for products never seen before. To keep pace with these developments, we need to be one step ahead. To face these challenges, we cooperate closely with our customers.



New materials and products often require new work practices and methods of handling and processing. As an experienced machine manufacturer, Steeger offers its customers targeted training for staff, introducing them to the latest processes and machines, testing procedures or zero series of new products. If you have any queries regarding your current machine park, we are of course delighted to assist you. Our specialists are always there for you with advice and support, be it on site or at our factory in Wuppertal.


Product launches

Every high-performance braiding machine that leaves our factory is the product of decades of experience and development. Our range of machines is versatile and covers many different applications. We design and build customised units for products proposed by our customers – covering everything from the initial idea and detailed cost analysis to construction and documentation. Along the entire design process, work closely together with our customer. After delivery, we continue to take care of your machine, for instance through upgrades and improvements. We supply you with wear and spare parts and offer of course an efficient repair service.


Advice & planning

Every project begins with an idea. As an innovative machine manufacturer, we see it as our job to run with an idea for a product and design a machine and production process for it. In discussions with our customers, we often also look at "impossible" product ideas, and only give up, if they are found to be truly infeasible. We assist our customers every step of the way – from devising production flows and identifying the necessary machine park to planning the factory hall layout. Along the way, we always consider both the technical and commercial implications of the solutions we propose.


Spare parts production

Quality machines from Steeger often remain in operation for 30 years or more. Even for such machines, we are of course able to supply spare parts. In our archive, we have all the relevant drawings, going back more than 50 years, so that we can easily identify the part to the replaced and reproduce it, if necessary. Should you need a spare part that you cannot clearly identify yourself, please complete the spare parts order form and send us a photo of the part. If you require a general overhaul of an older machine, please give us a call or contact us by e-mail. We will then send you a quote for a full service on site.

Continuous innovation according to the latest technical findings, value-preserving product reliability and first-class quality are the basis of our actions.

Maximum efficiency
in design and production

To remain profitable, manufacturers need to overcome new challenges, be innovative and face up to international competition. Given the immense cost pressure, technological progress and changing customer requirements, companies need to constantly upgrade their production systems to keep up with demand. Thanks to its adaptable solutions, Steeger makes sure that its customers are able to compete in their markets.


Modular system from Steeger

The modular system from Steeger allows for maximum flexibility in the production of braids, as its machines can be configured for many different types of products.

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Medical technology and cables

For more than four decades, braiding machines from Steeger have been widely used in all sectors of medical technology. When it comes to fine and ultra-fine wire braiding, Steeger is among the leading machine manufacturers in the world.

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Solutions for rope braiding

Rope braiding machines from Steeger are setting new standards in the production of ropes for a wide range of applications, from harness cords for looms to high-strength climbing ropes and heavy-duty ropes for the offshore industry.

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Would you like to talk to our experts in person?

Our experts are always delighted to meet with existing and prospective customers. Thanks to their technical expertise, they can advise and assist you all the way from your initial idea to the actual design and installation of your braiding machine.

Steeger braiding machines

Steeger produces innovative, custom-engineered braiding machines that meet the highest standards. We only have one objective: providing you with a tailor-made solution for maximum productivity.


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