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Steeger braiding machines
Quality and perfection to the last detail

Thanks to our continuous investment in R&D, we are able to develop innovative products based on the latest technologies – customised to suit the needs of our customers. We offer top quality products with a long service life, combined with delivery on time and unrivalled after-sales service.

Modular system from Steeger

The modular system from Steeger allows for maximum flexibility in the production of braids, as its machines can be configured for many different types of products.

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Packing braiding machines

Steeger packing braiding machines are widely used for products for the oil and chemical industry and similar sectors.

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Cable technology

We offer high-precision vertical and horizontal braiding machines for the cable industry.

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Wire technology

In the field of wire braiding machines, Steeger provides units for any product diameter.

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Medical technology

For more than three decades, braiding machines from Steeger have been widely used in all sectors of the medical technical industry. When it comes to fine and ultra-fine wire braiding, Steeger is among the leading machine manufacturers in the world.

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Rope braiding machines

Rope braiding machines from Steeger are regularly setting new standards in the production of ropes for a wide range of applications – from harness cords for looms to high-strength climbing ropes and heavy-duty ropes for the offshore industry.

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Horizontal braiding machines

Horizontal braiding machines from Steeger are currently used worldwide where maximum precision and reliability are a must.

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Special braiding machines

For more than a century, Steeger has been the expert for special braiding machines – be it for lightweight automotive components, medical technical product or in the field of industrial automation and monitoring systems.

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Steeger supplies customers all over the world and is continuously growing its global market as a specialist manufacturer of braiding machines.

Percent experience

Thanks to decades of experience in the design and production of braiding machines and equipment, we are able to find solutions for even the most demanding applications.

Years tradition in engineering

Established 130 years ago during a time when Wuppertal was the centre of textile production in Germany, we are still growing and expanding into new markets around the globe.

Square metres

This is the size of our production hall equipped with the latest machining tools and modern production lines.

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Steeger braiding machines

Steeger produces innovative, custom-engineered braiding machines that meet the highest standards. We only have one objective: providing you with a tailor-made solution for maximum productivity.


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