Steeger braiding machines
for cable technology

Tailor-made for unrivalled precision.

Steeger manufactures braiding machines for the cable industry, offering vertical and horizontal units, depending on the rigidity of the cable to be braided. In the cable and electronics industry, braiding machines are mainly used to equip cables and lines with an extra protective, shielding or insulating layer. The application of insulating braids on cables and lines requires high-precision machines, as flaws in the braiding can lead to cable failure.

Steeger braiding machines are custom engineered to the specifications of the operator. As they are high-precision units, they virtually eliminate the risk of flaws in the braid. Our product range includes of course also haul-off units and winders configured for the actual product..


Examples of Steeger braiders for the cable technology

Horizontal braiding machine

Vertical braiding machine

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Steeger braiding machines

Steeger produces innovative, custom-engineered braiding machines that meet the highest standards. We only have one objective: providing you with a tailor-made solution for maximum productivity.


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