Medical braiders meeting
the most stringent requirements

Braiding machines for use in the medical sector must meet particularly high standards as regards precision, materials and process technology.

For more than 40 years, Steeger has been a reliable supplier of the medical technical industry. Among the first braided products were surgical threads. Over the years, Steeger greatly expanded its machine range for medical products through ongoing R&D and investment in innovation. In the process, the company acquired the know-how necessary to succeed in this demanding market. When designing and building a machine for the medical sector, the focus is always on precision – from the material and product characteristics to the machine specifications.


Medical technical products are made from many different materials. From the finest yarn, which is processed into surgical sewing thread, to the finest wires, which are used for the manufacture of stents, among other things. On the other, much rougher extruded yarns are processed to produce medical finger traps. As the products are eventually used on or inside the human body, the raw materials must meet particularly high safety standards. Even minute deviations in the micro-millimetre range, or tiny nots in yarns can have a negative effect on the behaviour and strength of the finished braid.

Braiding machines from Steeger meet the most stringent quality requirements and are in operation in virtually all segments of the medical technical industry. When it comes to fine and ultra-fine wire braiding, Steeger is among the leading machine manufacturers in the world. Many global manufacturers have for decades been using Steeger braiding machines for their patented products. They know that every machine from Steeger is custom engineered to their specifications and therefore always fulfils their requirements. For its medical braiders, Steeger has developed an innovative machine control system that seamlessly documents the entire production process, which is of huge benefit to the operator.

To succeed in the development of medical technical equipment, a company needs three things: a dedicated research team, experienced staff and the right technology. Steeger ticks all these boxes. At our premises in Wuppertal, we turn ideas into new technology.


Examples of Steeger braiders for the medical technical industry

K80 fine wire braiding machine

HS80 / 48-VEA horizontal fine wire braiding machine

HS80 / 160 horizontal braiding machine

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