Ennovative equipment for
special braids

High-tech precision units are part of our core competences.

For more than 100 years, Steeger has been developing and building special braiding machines for a wide range of applications, for instance for the aerospace and automotive industries and the medical technical sector where high precision and product safety are of the essence. In addition, Steeger supplies the fashion industry with machines for complex braid patterns.


When it comes to special applications and exceptional requirements, Steeger is the global industry leader. We design machines with large numbers of carriers as well as units for very fine and delicate materials that are easily damaged by heat. As all our machines are tailor-made to detailed specifications, they always fulfil the requirements of the customer.

steeger-flechtmaschinen-horizontalflechtmaschinen-textil Kopie

Examples of Steeger special braiding machines

Cable set braiding machine

Braiding machine for production in clean room

Special machine for complex braid patterns


Aerospace industry

Due to the great adaptability and at the same time low weight, the products of our braiding machines are highly appreciated especially in the aerospace industry.


Automotive industry

Our expertise is often in demand to increase safety and comfort in the automotive sector or to reduce the energy consumption of vehicles.


Medical technology

The capabilities of our braiding machines guarantee effective medical care, especially in the field of cardiology.


Fashion industry

The productions on our machinery are now among the strongest growth drivers in the textile and fashion industry.

Do you require more information about our special braiding machines?

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Steeger braiding machines

Steeger produces innovative, custom-engineered braiding machines that meet the highest standards. We only have one objective: providing you with a tailor-made solution for maximum productivity.


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