The modular system
from Steeger

Flexibility, energy efficiency and compact design.


The modular system developed by Steeger allows for a wide range of configurations using only one drive bench. Our assemblies are designed to take up minimum space. At the heart of the Steeger modular system is a braiding unit (e.g. E-RT5 and RT VII) designed for the production of cords and narrow braids such as shoelaces, weight cords, pull cords, harness ropes, cords and belts for curtains and Venetian blinds, washing lines, surgical threads, wicks, elastic bands, as well as passementerie cords and flexible braids.


The drive bench works with only one drive unit, irrespective of the number of production lines run on the bench, which helps reduce energy costs. Thanks to the modular assembly, the machines from Steeger have a very small footprint, which also facilitates bobbin changes. As they come with a single drive motor designed for easy servicing, there is minimum heat dissipation. The Steeger product range includes of course also haul-off systems and winders for any braiding product and technology.

Examples of machine based on Steeger modular system

RT VII braiding unit

E-RT5 braiding unit

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Steeger braiding machines

Steeger produces innovative, custom-engineered braiding machines that meet the highest standards. We only have one objective: providing you with a tailor-made solution for maximum productivity.


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